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Door County – Day 2

Door County, Day 2
We took a ride up the inland side of Door County. First stop was the Francis Hardy Gallery in Ephraim, WI. The gallery showcases the work of Door County artists. The gallery, formerly Anderson Warehouse, is a work of art itself from decades of boaters who would paint their vessel’s name on the warehouse’s clapboard siding. After we left the gallery, we couldn’t resist a quick stop at Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor for some Home-Brewed Root Beer Floats.

Next, we drove through Peninsula State Park, one of five parks in Door County. Since it was early October, the full autumn colors weren’t all in yet, but it was still a beautiful drive. Within the park is the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. Look closely at the left tree trunk in my “Face in Tree” photo (#14).

We continued our drive up to Northport, WI, where I took a couple of pictures of the Ferry. We thought about going to Washington Island, but the water was pretty choppy. I didn’t want to chance getting seasick, especially since I didn’t have any motion sickness pills with me.

On the way back, I spotted this great old DeSoto in Ellison Bay, WI. If that car could talk, there would probably be some pretty good stories to go along with the bullet hole in the windshield.

We made our way back to Egg Harbor. To our surprise, there was a Pumpkin Patch Festival going on. We couldn’t find a place to park, but everyone looked liked they were have a great time. We went on. No trip would be complete without stopping at the Door Peninsula Winery in Carlsville, WI. We bought plenty of wines, jams and jellies to bring back. Yum!


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