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Cemetery Explorer

Here are a few color images from my Cemetery exploring walks. It’s very relaxing and peaceful walking through each cemetery. I try to get to one every month or two. I spend most of my time in the older sections, since the older statues are simply beautiful.


Eternal Slumber

My Eternal Slumber series represent a serene view of a subject that is typically shown as dark or haunting. My images are filled with light. They allow the viewer to take time to reflect on society’s view of death and dying.

Spending time in each cemetery has been very comforting for me personally. This exploration has helped prepare me for the loss of a loved one, as well as, to provide an opportunity to visit those that have passed. My choice of cemetery statuary as a subject allowed me to merge documentary photography with fine art. I am inspired to push myself creatively.

I invite you to explore my series and contemplate the meaning behind these statues, and perhaps, to wonder how you would like to be remembered. Additional photos in this series can be found at


Graffiti and Urban Decay

I have been very interested in Graffiti Art and Urban Decay recently. Graffiti art can be found everywhere and in many forms. Unlike most people who see it as vandalism, I believe that Graffiti Art should be photographed and preserved. Unfortunately, Graffiti Art has struggled to be recognized as a true art form. The artists are forced to create their canvases where they can, perhaps on the side of a building, a fence, etc.

My exploration led me to an abandoned factory where Graffiti Artists used the building as their urban gallery. The juxtaposition between the decay of the building, the garbage left on the ground against these colorful and artistic murals fascinates me. Several murals have been tagged over by other artists, adding a new voice to what is already there.

Photographing this series opened my eyes to the art that is around us everywhere. Art, that may typically go un-noticed with our busy schedules. I invite you to explore my series and contemplate the meaning the artist meant to convey. I continue to search our environment for new examples of this urban art form.

Pink Balloon Popping

Balloon Popping and Balls Bouncing

I took an Electronic Flash class over the summer. For our last class, the instructor set up a sound system to let us capture a balloon popping. We got a little creative and added some confetti in the balloons before we blew them up. After that, he set up a trigger system to capture a bouncing ball.

Wind Point Lighthouse

Wind Point Lighthouse After The Storm

Since my blog is new, I will try to catch you up on a few things I have worked on. A couple of weeks ago, I went up to Racine, Wisconsin to photograph at the Wind Point Lighthouse. I took these photographs during a lull in the storm. The HDR really brings out the storm clouds.

A Day at the Green City Farmer’s Market

Last Saturday, I spent a beautiful, sunny morning at the Green City Market in Chicago. They have a wide selection of local fruit and vegetables, breads, baked goods, salsas, honey and much more. I couldn’t help but take a few photographs. I hope to get back there before the season ends.

Hello world!

Welcome to Angela Dellutri Photography!

I am a Chicago/Wisconsin native, enrolled in the Harrington College of Design’s Photography program. My father was a Cinematographer and I have been around the industry all of my life. I hope you enjoy my photographs. Please check back frequently. New images are being added all the time.

Membership: American Society of Media Photographers

Purchasing or Licensing An Image

All images on my site are copyright protected. Most of my work is available for sale, either in print form or as licensed images. The copyright watermark will be removed upon purchase. If you have questions, or wish to order an image or print, please email me.